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PopsugarLivingRecipesSlow-Cooker White Beans With Tomatoes and PancettaA Slow-Cooker Recipe Even the Crockpot Ambivalent Will LoveMay 22, 2018 by Alexandra Stafford3.5K SharesThe following post was originally featured on Alexandra's Kitchen and written by Alexandra Stafford.In a recent Dinner, A Love Story post, Jenny Rosenstrach captured my exact experience and thoughts regarding Crock-Pot cooking. In sum, despite seeing the appeal, she has not had great success.I have owned a Crock-Pot for 10 years — received one as a wedding gift — and every Winter, I break it out once, only to make something good but not great. Let's just say no recipe this past decade has left me drinking the Crock-Pot Kool-Aid.Part of the issue for me is that often the recipes don't feel easier. If a recipe calls for browning meat in one pan, then finishing it in another, that means I have two pans to clean, not one. And I don't understand the Crock-Pot recipes that call for canned beans — isn't that the beauty of canned beans? Th - 웹

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